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Want guaranteed income for your vacation rental?

Keep your homeowners happy and grow your portfolio by partnering with Travel Advantage Network

How can TAN offer Guaranteed Rental Income?

30 Years of Experience 
80,000 Clients

Why Work with TAN?


"We have worked with TAN for several years and it has been a great partnership. The team is efficient and easy to work with. Guests are respectful of the homes and leave them in great condition. Working with TAN has opened our homes up to a new client base and helped us maximize income for a segment of our homes. We look forward to continuing to develop our mutually beneficial relationship for many years to come. "

Seaside Vacations on the Outer Banks with 350 homes

Want guaranteed income for your vacation rental?  Hand your keys over to Travel Advantage Network (TAN), and get full-service management that guarantees a monthly income.

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Hear Brooke Pfautz explain the Value of Travel Advantage Network as he grew his vacation rental business to 500+ units

In this episode, we get to chat with a real partner of Travel Advantage Network in Florida, JD! JD has been working with TAN for some time, and has benefitted from sharing his inventory with the TAN network. Hear how JD has scaled and kept owners and his new guests happy.

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This video introduces you to RevBoost Collective.  A program presented by Travel Advantage Network as an Alternative Solution for Vacation Rental Management Companies, Property Managers, and Vacation Rental Property Owners.

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