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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions.  This list will hopefully help you understand the RevBoost Collective program and how it benefits Vacation Rental Management companies and their homeowners.

What would Travel Advantage Network’s (TAN) relationship be with my homeowners?

TAN’s relationship is with the Vacation Rental Management company first and foremost.  We work with VRM’s to identify properties that would be a good fit for RevBoost Collective and then we provide the VRM with all the materials they need to get their homeowners on-board.


Does TAN handle the operations and cleaning?

TAN works with the VRM to ensure we follow a method that works for us both. If the VRM wants to use their cleaners and operations staff, then TAN can make that part of the lease agreement. If it is easier for the VRM to have TAN handle the cleaning and operations, we often can handle that as well. TAN handles cleaning and operations for over 1,000 units nationwide.


How will the VRM be paid, and will they still earn commissions?

Vacation Rental Managers will earn commissions in their leases with TAN.The commissions will vary depending on the number of units they place with TAN and the size of the units.


What do you mean by guaranteed rental income?

TAN signs a lease with VRM for a specific number of weeks and guarantees the VRM gets paid whether TAN rents the property or not.TAN has clients that are eager travelers, and we are confident we will fill the weeks of the properties you place with TAN, so we take all the risk.


What happens if a homeowner sells a property during the lease term?

TAN’s agreements are drafted with flexibility in mind. In the event of a unit or property sale, the VRM can substitute for and replace the sold property with an alike unit and property within their portfolio.

Are homeowners able to use their properties during available timeframes during the Lease term? 

Yes, TAN can accommodate homeowner usage request.  TAN can supply each owner with calendar access to their properties upon request.  If the owner identifies a week, they would like to reserve for themselves they can notify TAN and TAN will reserve the week for the owner.

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