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Rental Revenue Lock by Travel Advantage Network

Why do investment property homeowners choose Travel Advantage Network over traditional vacation rental property management companies?

  1. Homeowners sign a long-term lease with Travel Advantage Network and multi-year leases are available which provides stability and improves year over year profitability

  2. Homeowners are then guaranteed income every month or TAN can pay for the entire term of the lease upfront.  That's money in the bank for homeowners and they are not dependent on the ups and downs of the vacation rental occupancy in the marketplace.

  3. Homeowners reduce operating expenses because Travel Advantage Network doesn't charge for

    • marketing expenses or photography;

    • no commissions like traditional vacation rental property managers;

    • Travel Advantage Network provides care and maintenance of the property by providing cleaning and basic maintenance as part of their lease.

    • homeowners still can reserve up to 3 weeks of their property so they get to use the property during prime season.

In short, Travel Advantage Network will lease your property and in turn it leases your property to it's network of over 80,000 clients who are travelers in their wholesale travel club. 


You can put more money in the bank with a guaranteed income lease and save on expenses when TAN cares for your unit and doesn't charge you commission or other fees.

Here's what homeowner's say about working with Travel Advantage Network

“We’ve owned our rental property for nearly 30 years.  In that time, we have used several management companies.  Not one of those other management companies compares to TAN.  Every person on the staff is wonderful!  They take good care of our property and we never have to worry about property care and maintenance – it is top-notch!  Everyone we interact with at TAN is always responsive, responsible and kind.  We also like the business model they use which guarantees us a consistent monthly income. Thank you, TAN, for the years you have taken care of us and our Condo.  We are looking forward to many more.” 

Dan and Kathleen Holmes 

“For the last 20 years, I have had the pleasure of working with Travel Advantage Network (TAN) as a long term property owner.  The best thing about TAN is that they make my life easy.  TAN handles all aspects of the property management process and I can honestly say there hasn’t been one time where I have been dissatisfied with their service.  With every long term relationship there have been a few issues with the properties along the way and in each instance, the team at Travel Advantage promptly responded and solved the issue.  I would highly recommend to any property owner that they consider allowing TAN to manage their property.” 

Tim Keffer 

Multiple Property Owner 

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